About us

Rektron AB offers IT systems and knowledge for quality assurance, quality control, process control, visualization and production monitoring.

We support our customers all the way from requirements analysis to support and maintenance.

Our solutions build upon appreciated proprietary systems, together with the best tools from our partners.

Our solution

We offer a complete solution for quality assurance.
  • System

    We have under a long time developed a modular IT system with customized tools for a variety of applications.

  • Knowledge

    We offer our knowledge within the field due to easy access to education, guidance, and consulting services

  • Service

    Our company remains committed to providing customers with an excellent service. We have a proven history of retaining good working relationships.

  • Security

    We wish for long term relations with our customers and offer service agreements to continuously improve our customers' everyday work.

Our product

The Rektron System for quality assurance and production monitoring lets you make decisions on a measureable basis.
  • Measure

    Collect measure data directly from your production.

  • Assure

    Base your knowledge on statistics and documented history.

  • Control

    Reduce variation and prevent deviations.

  • Visualize

    Grasp the current situation and view trends instantaneously.

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