Rektron AB

Rektron is a software company that develops and sells system solutions and services for quality assurance and production monitoring. The company offers solutions to manufacturing industries as well as for service production. Both standard products and customized solutions are offered.

Rektron's proprietary products for quality measurement have been on the market since the 1980’s and are used on a daily basis by Sweden’s most well reputed manufacturing companies. The product range offers many tools for methodical and efficient work in accordance with Six Sigma and Lean Production. The main applications are to visualize processes, quality levels and trends, to analyse machine and process capabilities, control processes on reliable facts and control and document production quality.

Using Rektron's products and services, companies improves their prospects for economic growth and competitiveness, through accurate deliveries, increased efficiency, less defects and reduced deviations. Poor quality may reach 30% loss of the total revenue for a product.

Our customers are mainly among manufacturing companies within the following industries, engineering, vehicle, packaging and pharmaceuticals. From smaller workshops to major companies. For the service sector there is a solution targeted mainly at cleaning service providers. The main market for Rektron is Scandinavia, but a number of systems are also in use globally.

There are service agreements for long-term cooperation between Rektron and many international industrial companies. Rektron's products are well suited for large-scale expansion, both within Sweden and globally. Products are available in several languages which are accessible at the core of operations.

Products and services

System solutions
Process visualization
Quality and process control
Monitoring and analysis
Measure data collection
Documentation and traceability
Support for methods and work flows
Projects implementation
System integration
Training and guidance
Customer support
License and service agreements
Product development and customizations

Board of directors

Jan Rivière Henriques
Chairman and owner

Jan has 15 years of experience from managing positions within the Ericsson company group, including 4 years as chief of logistics at VP Customer Services in the USA. He has 5 years’ experience with the IT industry, including 4 years as CEO at ICL/Fujitsu Sweden. Jan has also several board appointments, as member and chairman.

Åke Lundin
Founder and owner

Åke is a prominent figure and pioneer within Swedish quality technology, with over 20 years’ experience of research and development within the area. Åke has in close liaison with Rektron's customers developed both software and hardware for core quality assurance in the global market, helping many companies become appreciated suppliers.

Simon Nathanson
Simon Nathanson
Member and owner

Simon has for the last 25 years been a leader and manager foremost within finance and IT. He was CEO and president of the listed Neonet AB and before that CEO for Räntebörsen, Stockholm Stock Exchange and OM Stockholm. Simon has significant experience of board work in both small and large businesses.

Love Florgård
Love Florgård
Managing director and owner

As former head of development at Rektron, Love has more than 15 years of experience in statistical analysis, system development and system integration. Love leads the continuous process of Rektron offering the most modern system solutions for visualization of quality and production processes.